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Celery Root Soup

---Favorite Cardio-Fusion Diet Choice---


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Even though this meal needs some preparation it is absolutely enjoyable.


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This light soup delivers the wonderfully rich taste of celery and makes a great lunch. It even stands out as dinner when served with toasted sprouted whole-grain bread and a glass of wine.

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Get in Advance:


1 large or several smaller Celery Roots (2 pounds), if peeled and chopped in advance the celery cubes must be kept in water containing one table spoon of Lemon Juice to prevent them from getting brown.

2-3 Leek Stalk, washed and sliced

1 small Onion, peeled and diced

3 cups of Vegetable Broth, water as needed

½ cup of Almond Milk

1/8 teaspoon Chili Powder

2 Garlic Cloves, thinly sliced

White Pepper, ground, to taste (1/8 teaspoon)


½ Acorn Squash, peeled and diced

2 small Carrots, peeled and diced


Have On Hand:

Lemon Juice

Thyme, fresh


Description: Celery-Root-Soup-Ingredients-4x6.jpg


(Adapted from recipe #29986 at vegweb,com and


For 3 (each 2 cups)-to 5 Portion ( 60 min total time)


Cook Soft Vegetable

In soup pot bring 1 cup of Vegetable broth to a boil.

Wash, peel and slice, and add




Simmer for 15 min


Cube and Add Celery Root

Add an additional 1 cup of vegetable broth and 2 cups of water and bring again to a boil.

Cut skin off celery roots with a knife and cube.

Add cubed celery roots

Add water as needed to cover the vegetables.

Simmer for 45 min or until celery is easily pierced with a knife (very soft)


Purée Soup

Let the vegetables cool down (place pot in cold water)

Puree in blender in batches and combine.


Add Spices

Add ½ cup of Almond Milk

Add chili powder and white pepper to taste


Optional: While Celery is simmering prepare Acorn Squash and Carrots

Chop peeled acorn squash and carrots

Steam for 30 min

Puree with blender with one cup of vegetable broth and a teaspoon of lemon juice

Carrots only

Chop peeled carrots

Steam for 30 min

Puree with blender with one cup of vegetable broth and a teaspoon of lemon juice

This worked out just fine when only used for decoration



Ladle Celery soup into soup bowl

Place a 1/3 cup of squash/carrot puree in the center of the celery puree

Take a knife and move it from the center to the periphery of the bowl in a spiral trailing the red squash or pure squash in a spiral pattern.

Sprinkle with thyme (chopped fresh or dried leaves)


Preparing the Vegetaables

Description: Celery-Root-Soup-Workplace-4x6.jpg


Add Soft Chopped Vegetable

Description: Celery-Root-Soup-Prep-5-4x6.jpg


Cut Skin off Celery Root

Description: Celery-Root-Soup-Prep-1-4x6.jpg


Cube Celery Root

Description: Celery-Root-Soup-Prep-2-4x6.jpg


Add Cubed  Celery Root

Description: Celery-Root-Soup-Prep-3-4x6.jpg

Purée Cooked Celery

Description: Celery-Root-Soup-Prep-9-4x6.jpg


Cut Skin off Acorn Squash

Description: Celery-Root-Soup-Prep-8-4x6.jpg


Steam Cubed Acorn Squash and Carrots

Description: Celery-Root-Soup-Prep-7-4x6.jpg


Purée Cooked Squash

Description: Celery-Root-Soup-Prep-10-4x6.jpg

Prepared Description: Celery-Root-Soup-Prep-6-4x6.jpg


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I used for the first time the successor of the Magic Bullet blender named Nutri Bullet. It’s the same principle but a little bit bigger and has an extra third blade and a professional ration speed, cracking seeds of frozen berries as well a pureeing so fine that a smooth creamy is produced (compare the two “Served” or “Prepared” pictures above). Awesome, this is a must in every vegan kitchen.

Now, soups will be fun to make.


Puréeing with the new Nutri Bullet


It’s so powerful that the entire thick soup swirls






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This light and tasty soup is just right for the cardio-fusion-diet.


I made a big batch of this soup for freezing:

3 lb of celery roots

1 lb of leek

1 large onion

5 ½ cups of vegetable broth, total

1 cup of No-Fat Soy.


This made 5 portions of soup of 2-cups each.


Cut leaks added

Added cubed celery roots

For Freezing: 2-cup Portions

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1 cup Veggie broth +

1 chopped onions, 2lb leeks, 2 garlic cloves

Simmer 15 min


2 ½ cups Veggie broth +

2 cups water

3 lb chopped celery root

if needed 1 cup water to cover

Cook 45 min


Cool down

Blend creamy (NiutiBullet)


Add Spices

1 cup Non-Fat Soy Milk

¼ teasp Chili Powder, white Pepper


Makes 7 Servings 1.5 cup ea.

Sprinkle with Thyme

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