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Escarole White Bean Soup





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This traditional vegetable soup is robust and filling since escarole green is more robust than other leafy greens like lettuce.


Escarole-White Bean Soup-Served-4x6.jpg

Escarole makes a hearty dinner when combined with white beans. The light bitterness of the sturdy green is balanced with the mild bean flavors and provides a satisfying filling meal.



Getting Started with Cooking






Get in Advance:


1 1/3 cup of dry great northern white beans soaked overnight in the fridge and partially cooked for 30 min (or 2 15oz cans of northern white beans, with fluid))

1 large head escarole, washed and cut into inch stripes and then pieces

2 onions, chopped

2 cloves garlic, minced

2 bay leaves

1 teaspoon oregano

1 celery stalk, sliced finely

1 carrot, diced

1 cup of no-salt vegetable broth

3 cups of water (2 cups if canned beans are used)

teaspoon nutmeg for garnish


Have On Hand:

Hearty crisp bread



(Modified from What Do You do with this Stuff, p21)


For 4 generous Portion. Prep time 90 min.


Prepare the Beans

Soak in fridge overnight 4 One-Third-Cup measures of great Northern white beans in 4 cups of water.

Wash beans and cook partially for 30 min only so that they are still a bit hard in their center. Then let slowly cool down.

Prepare the vegetables

Chop the two onions

Mize the 2 garlic cloves

Slice the celery stalk and carrots

Wash the escarole leaves

Cut into inch wide pieces, including the stems.

Stew Soft Vegetables

in big soup pot:

Braise chopped onions for 5 min

Add mince garlic until fragrant

Cool down and deglaze with one cup no-salt vegetable broth

Add Hard Vegetables

Add 4 cups of water (add one cup less if using cans and their liquid)

Add sliced celery and diced carrot

Add bay leaves and mix in oregano

Let simmer for 20 min

Add Beans and Escarole

Add beans and mix under

Add escarole, fold under batch-wise by placing them at the circumference of the pot and then covering them with broth and beans scooped out from the center of the pot.

Simmer gently for 20 min, folding under from time to time

Ready to Serve

Fill into bowls and sprinkle with nutmeg

Serve with crisp bread or toasted coarse grained bread.


Starting to wash the salad leafs.


Soaked beans (2 coups for making 3 cans)

Cooked beans (for 1 can from 2/3 cup dry)


Chopping the onions

Mincing the garlic

Chopping the carrots

Cutting the green across into stips

Cutting the strips into pieces

All ready for making the soup

Braising the onions

Deglaze with vegie broth

Added hard vegetables and spices

Added beans

Adding the greens batch-wise aat the perifery and covering them with beans from the center

Greens folded under

Escarole and bean soup cooked






Starting with cooking or If you are in a hurry you may use canned beans. But it is so simple to save money and start out with dry beans. Previously I also used toasted whole grain salt-free bread, but now I am only using crisp bread since it is fat-free.

Ingredients with canned beans

Escarole-White Bean Soup-Ingredients-4x6.jpg

Canned beans ready to go

Escarole-White Bean Soup-Prep-7-4x6.jpg



Escarole-White Bean Soup-Dinner-4x6.jpg



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