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Easy Esselstyn Diet Recipes with Pictures: Stewed Mixed Greens with Veggie Burger




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Stewed Mixed Greens

with Veggie Burger





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Quick Meal

This meal is substantive enough for any occasion, like lunch or dinner. Added some available ripe flavorful Sun Golden Cherry Tomatoes that are a wonderful summer treat.


Greens are so easily prepared by stewing in veggie broth over some braised onions and garlic. For variation whatever is available can be added, like cut veggie burger pieces and cherry tomatoes.


Community Supported Agriculture


Getting Started with Cooking


Get in Advance:


1 bunch of mixed greens, washed, wilted and discolored leaves removed, larger stems removed, cut into ˝-1 inch pieces

˝ medium onion, chopped

˝ medium red onion, chopped

1-2 cloves of garlic, minced

˝ cup of low-salt vegetable broth


Have On Hand:

veggie burger

sun golden cherry tomatoes

Wasa crisp bread






For 1 (generous)-to 2 Portion. Prep time: 20 min.


Prepare onions

Chop ˝ yellow onion, and ˝ red onion

Mince 2 cloves of garlic

Braise all in hot sauce pan without oil or broth until onions start to brown, 5 min.

Reduce heat, and deglaze with ˝ cup of vegetable broth


Prepare the greens and extras

Wash the leaves and discard wilted and discolored leaves. Remove larger stems the bundle the leaves and cut them into ˝-1 inch pieces

Heat up veggie burger and cut burger and cherry tomatoes


Cook the greens only very lightly

Add the leaves and cook for approximately 1-2 min with close the lid until settled down. Then quickly fold slightly wilted leave under stock and be ready to serve right away


Serve right away before greens mush up!


Ready to go


Chopped onions and garlic


Braising in very hot sauce pan


Deglazed with stock


Chopped greens


Ready for 1 min steaming


Quickly folded unter before stewing




This is such a great “Quick Meal” that can be prepared from stock items on the fly.

Ready for Lunch on the Poarch




Quickly preparing some greens and some structured no-fat soy proteins.


Preparing cubed “Chicken Cutlet”


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